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About Us

Building Great Leaders, Great Teams & Great Companies.... The Human Way 

  • We are a small boutique firm offering people consulting/advisory, executive coaching, team facilitation, and leadership development solutions.

  • Our focus is supporting growth and change in our clients. We diagnose the unique needs, create action and support the learning needed to make lasting impact.

  • We work on what is truly needed to be successful as a business and as humans.

  • We work on improving the success, clarity, and happiness of both organizations and individuals through People Strategy, Talent Development, Employer Branding, Training & Development, Executive & Leadership Coaching, and more.

  • We work with exceptional partners and collaborative teams, letting our clients take the stage while we work behind the scenes to help them build great teams, companies and leaders, the human way.


Our Story

Like many consulting & coaching firms, we started our careers in the "corporate" world. We worked with start-ups, large multi-nationals and everything in between. Then we moved on to consulting and coaching, and have never really looked back.

We have seen the good, bad and ugly (and have learned what truly mattered, to us, and to the teams and leaders we work with).

We've taken over two decades of diverse people and leadership experience, added in some excellent knowledge (which we continue to keep adding on to) and have built or transitioned companies & teams on the people or "HR" side ever since.

We know the need is great, especially for start-ups and scale-ups, for dedicated, targeted support.

We blend the functional, tactical, strategic and human  - all into our work.

We have created worlds for our clients which allow them to be whole humans AND have successful businesses and more.

Our Trifecta of services are:

  • People Strategy for scaling companies

  • Leadership & Executive Coaching  (1:1 and team)

  • Team Optimisation & Facilitation 

With hands-on global experience working with companies, their investors and boards, across sectors and industries and a deep understanding of what is needed for leader, team and company effectiveness, we are thrilled to help our clients build & grow!

We are also passionate about flexible working and supporting those who need the extra hand up while having our own priorities and boundaries. 

We are parents, sports fans, learners, neurodiversity advocates, pet lovers, travellers & wine enthusiasts!

Meet The Team


Partners are essential in what we do. We don't, and will never, know everything (beginner's mindset is key for us) and so we partner with the deep experts in many areas, many smarter and better than us, ensuring excellence and consistency for all. These partnerships also allow us flexibility, agility and better global service for our clients.

Stay tuned to see more.


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